When is the best time to buy bedroom furniture? In my case, it would be now. I admit it, after a third of a century in the furniture industry my mattress is old enough to vote.It does not matter if there are bedroom furniture sales going on, when you need a mattress, you need a mattress.

One thing that has held us back to buy bedroom furniture is the fact that is  still in excellent shape. Another obstacle is that we lump mattress buying with car buying on our list of least favorite things to do. The time has arrived for us to part ways with the mattress set and buy bedroom furniture.

So, what determines the best time to buy bedroom furniture, other than necessity?  In our case, we have a beautiful Stuart’s brand solid oak bedroom suite. We are so tired of oak after all these years that we would prefer almost any other material; not just for our bedroom furniture but all of our furniture, floors, and cabinets. We have decided that everything must go. We want to start fresh. But, to use a phrase that the Bard borrowed from me, therein lies the rub.

Failure to plan is the most common mistake when you go to buy bedroom furniture. Be sure to check out the  wide selection of  bedroom furniture space planners, color wheels and  bedroom furniture templates available from Furniche.com

The best times to buy bedroom furniture are:

When you buy a new mattress? Most people like to rotate their furniture about every eight to ten years. If buy bedroom furniture and the mattress at the same time, you are more likely to remember that the old mattress is at the end of its life. By the way, if you are getting a new mattress, don’t skip the box spring. If you, as I did, assumed that the salesperson was just trying to pad their commission by adding in the box spring, you as I am, are incorrect. Buying the matched set will extend the life of the mattress. The box spring is designed to support the mattress. It is engineered for the weight and size of that particular mattress.

The best time to buy bedroom furniture is the first, second, third and fourth quarters of the year? This is what I discovered while researching this article. There was little consensus. Before you throw your computer at me, let me assure you that I have my own opinions. My opinions are based on owning my own furniture stores for over twelve years and more than twenty years as a manufacturer’s representative.

Some times of the year are truly better times to buy bedroom furniture. Let’s start with January. Retailers want to keep the sales going after the holidays. Naturally, entertainment centers and television stands are big items in January, because of the Super Bowl, but bedroom furniture is a good seller, too. People spruce up the living room before and during the holidays. After the holidays people often start looking for ways to improve their nesting area.

In February and March, much of the retailers’ energy goes into office furniture in preparation for tax time. I would hold off buying bedroom furniture at this time, if I could.

From April 15 on, retailers start getting nervous. Potential customers are staying away in droves because they are in shock over their tax bill. Many are planning and then going on vacation, where they often blow the budget to smithereens. Merchants will rotate their sale items desperately trying to churn some sales. This is also a good time to try your negotiating skills. Dealers do not want you to walk. There is an old saying in the furniture industry, be backs won’t be back.

Finally, we are into late September. The kids have their new books and clothes. It’s time to start getting the house ready for the holidays. The retailers are filling their war chests and paying off those pesky bills left over from the summer. In October and November if you tell your salesperson that you found what you want but you are going to wait for Black Friday to buy bedroom furniture , you should get a good deal. If you don’t get a better offer, wait for Black Friday.


Here are features to look for when you buy bedroom furniture:

Look for quality veneer on the top and sides of case pieces. This is a plus if it is over a substrate of medium density fiberboard (MDF) or plywood. Good veneer over a stable base is much less likely to crack than solids. If you are looking for forever furniture, make sure that the top is mounted with slotted screws that will allow for expansion and contraction. Solid side panels should “float”. This means that they should not be nailed or glued into the frame.

Recessed doors and drawers. If you are looking for a quality bedroom set to purchase, look for recessed doors and drawers that fit well into the face frame.This is a more labor intensive way of building case pieces, therefore, it costs more than overlapping drawers.

Take out the drawers. Look inside the case. There should be framing for all tiers of drawers. Dust covers are a plus. They should be under each drawer, including the bottom drawers. Their function is to stop dust bunnies from being sucked up into your finery when a drawer is opened.

While you have the drawer out, turn it over and look for English or French dovetails at the corners. These are the strongest joints. The bottom should be dadoed, or grooved, into all four sides of the drawer. The bottom of the drawer should be reinforced with glue blocks at the corners and along the sides of the drawer bottom.

Drawer glides. I prefer wood on wood glides. Ball bearing glides often end up rolling around your floor. Euro glides consist of a wheel, or wheels, with a track mounted to the inside of the case and one attached to the side of the drawer. These are usually noisy and often wobbly. These glides are often stapled in. If that sounds like a temporary situation, you are correct.

As you can see, the best time to buy bedroom furniture is when you need it, as long as you can be a little flexible. It is a good idea to buy bedroom furniture and your new mattress at the same time. The realistic life span of a mattress is very close to the boredom point of furniture. This tactic will also get the attention of the salesperson and their sales manager giving you more bargaining power. The larger the potential ticket, the more flexible sales managers tend to be. Pleasant dreams.

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