What is the Best Time of the Year to Buy Dining Room Furniture? Or in other words, when should I plan to buy dining room furniture?

Many experts suggest the best time to buy dining room furniture is in August and February. The reasoning is that new dining room furniture collections are usually introduced at the High Point, North Carolina furniture shows. There are several complications to this strategy.

  • High Point Market is held in April and October. Dining room furniture collections that are introduced at these markets often take six to twelve months for pre-sales, design tweaking, manufacturing in Asia and shipping to the USA.
  • The other major furniture market is held in Las Vegas in January and August. Some dining room furniture importer/manufacturers show their new designs in Las Vegas. Nothing gets done in China during their new year celebration which takes up the month of February. It should be apparent that new dining room furniture introductions come drifting in to furniture retailers throughout the year unless (like this year) there is a longshoreman’s strike at all of the west coast ports. Then you may be looking at next year.

In today’s furniture market, retailers have created a monster called sales driven merchandising. This is the reason that you see the same things on sale every three months or so. In other words, the retailers use rotating groups of furniture to advertise with the purpose of bringing customers to the store. This is also the reason that furniture stores do not want you to walk out the door without writing an order. Within this sales driven market, the retailers have fixed expenses such as rent, salaries, utilities and insurance. Add to these fixed expenses, an increased percentage of income going into advertising, and you can understand the need for merchants to keep the sales coming. Find a furniture store here.

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In my opinion, the best times of the year to buy dining room furniture would be in September, October and February. These months fall just ahead of the major family holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. This should give the merchant time to get your dining room furniture into your house before the family is seated around the dining room table  to eat all the goodies. There are some points that I would like to make here:

Do your homework before you set out to get that new dining room furniture. Check some online rating services. Find well established shops that have been rated by a lot of people. A company that has been rated three times could be creating their own good press. The local Better Business Bureau is also a  good place to check.


Failure to plan for dining room furniture is a common furniture mistake. Look at this wide selection of dining room furniture space planners, color wheels and furniture templates.

Now some specific advice on what to look for when it is time to buy new dining room furniture.

  • Decide before you enter the first furniture store what you are going to buy. A dining room table? Four chairs? Two arm chairs and six side chairs? A china hutch, buffet or server may complete your dining room furniture plan. The above can be very important. Knowing what you want will help keep you on track and control your spending. Having a plan will also keep you from buying four side chairs and a table with the intent to come back and complete your dining room furniture purchase with two arm chairs and a server at a later date. What happens to these plans is that you don’t go back to the store when you had intended and when you do make the trip, you are told that the dining room set that you bought is no longer made. You are now the proud owners of half the dining room furniture  that you wanted. Check out our 3 part furniture shopping guide before buying new dining room furniture.
  • Sit in the chairs for at least ten minutes. You may find that the hip rests pinch your little behind. Or, the saddling on the seat is not deep enough so you slide inexorably toward the floor. The rake of the back may be too upright or the posts may stab uncomfortably into your back. Learn more about wood dining chairs do's and don'ts.
  • The dining table needs to be large enough to accommodate the number of people that will be eating at the table. The table needs to be solid and stable, even with all the leaves in the table. If the table is at all wobbly, ask the salesperson if the legs or base can be tightened and then wait until that is accomplished.
  • Find out what kind of finish is on the dining room table and how to care for it. The same would apply if you are adding a dining room case piece (china cabinet, sideboard or server) to go with your set. The case piece should be large enough to hold what you intend to store in it.
  • This sounds obvious but are the drawers deep enough? Are there enough drawers? Do you need doors or shelves? A mirror? Lights? See what is important in drawer construction.
  • Finally, make sure that the entire dining room set will fit in the intended area.  Make measurements or do a scale drawing. See our best dining room furniture planning tool.

If you perform your due diligence, you should be able to buy dining room furniture that you will be happy with for years to come.


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