Mirror, mirror on the wall. Decorative mirrors are an excellent decorating accessory, offering several benefits.

You can do more with decorative mirrors than just hanging them over a fireplace and calling it a day. Here are some mirror-aculous ideas to reflect on.

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Fortunately decorative mirrors come in various shapes and sizes to suit your home decor theme. Mirrors enhance natural light and create the illusion of more living space. Mirrors with bulky wood frames in dark bronze, gold or silver faux finishes can be used in several applications. Based on the size, finish, color and detail, the frames of decorative mirrors dictate styles. Below are three different mirror styles to pique your interest. See how mirrors are made.

ONE   Venetian Mirrors:
Venetian decorative mirrors are a great way to dress up a powder room or add sparkle to a dining room setting by simly adding one above a buffet. Surprisingly, this style of decorative mirror can work in both a traditional or contemporary setting. Learn more about furniture styles.

TWO  Round Mirrors:
This style gets noticed because of its bull's eye shape. If you feel your space is too linear,  round decorative mirrors will provide you with the softness the interior lacks. Learn more about space planning your room.

THREE Oversized Floor Mirrors:
By simply propping one oversized floor mirror against the wall, the space appears to continue beyond the mirror. This look is particularly useful in small rooms, because it expands the space. Learn more about space planning your room.

Failure to plan is the most common furniture mistake. Be sure to check out the  wide selection of furniture space planners, color wheels and furniture templates available from Furniche.com

and how not to get hung up on them

1.Don't hang a mirror over a fireplace if all it does is reflect the ceiling. Decorative mirrors look better on low fireplace mantels than on high ones. If your fireplace mantel is 55" or higher hang a picture instead. See what you can do in a room without a fireplace.

2.If your mirror is only half the size of the surface below, it is probably too small. To get the right scale, it should be at least two-thirds the size of what rests below it.

3.As a rule of thumb, a mirror should be hung a maximum of 6" to 8" above the surface below.


4.For the best effect, decorative mirrors and frames should be in proportion. The larger the mirror, the wider the frame should be. If the mirror is 36" x 42" (the most common mirror size) , you'll need at least a 4" frame to get dramatic results. If your frame is too small, it can be changed easily and inexpenively at your local framing store.

5.The frames of  decorative mirrors should complement the colors and finishes around them. If you have bronze finished sconces on either side of a mirror, the frame of the mirror should have similar color values for a designer finish.

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