The concept for my current home was pulled together very organically. I worked with items from my previous home that I was not ready to part with.
The result inspired a final look that is very eclectic and unique in fashion.

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The spaces are still formal but the textures and mix of material makes it very exciting and bold.

I decided to have fun with the space and combined finishes of gold and silver with graphic grand style elements. I did not want anything static, so I opted for glamorous mirror and chrome accents that blended nicely with the artwork.
The living and dining room are complimentary in style but opposite as well. While the living room has light walls and furnishings, there is still a shot of colour and contrast for interest. The lattice wallpaper in the dining room however takes on a feel that is warm, earthy and perfect for entertaining. What you get is a cross between glitz meeting Miami cool!


Belinda Albo

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