One of the world's largest home furnishing trade shows happens twice a year in High Point, North Carolina


Today I have found many unique and interesting items. Shopping for table top accessories, lamps and other decorating items is full of unusual and interesting finds. Manufacturers just like retailers strive to have merchandise displays in ways to draw you into their showrooms. Just like your home, you should create areas of interest as guests enter your home that reflect your lifestyle and your unique qualities. Subtle, dramatic or whimsical, there are ways to easily and inexpensively express your individual tastes and style preferences. Now more than ever we are finding a mixture of styles and techniques that break the mold of everything matching.

Furniture market targets fashion! Much like fashion week in New York City, the furniture manufacturers target new fashions for your home. Often furniture fabric, colors and style trends follow the fashion apparel industry. The furniture market in High Point, North Carolina is essentially the fashion runway for new furniture and home furnishings. Today we visited a wide variety of furniture showrooms and just like fashion week in New York City we found many new looks, styles and options for the furniture Furnista in you!


Failure to plan is the most common furniture mistake. Look at this wide selection of furniture space planners, color wheels and furniture templates.