Before you enter into a purchase agreement with a furniture retailer, be sure that you understand all of the policies surrounding buying furniture from that particular company.

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This will protect you and provide a smooth, pleasant shopping experience. First, be aware of the store’s financing or credit policies. Even if you originally thought you’d pay cash for your furniture, there may be discounts or incentives to purchasing with credit. In-store credit programs can be complicated. If you choose to use one, be sure you fully understand the policy agreement.

You’ll also want to research the store’s return policy in the event that something happens to your furniture or that you end up not being pleased with the product. Many stores only allow returns within a certain time period, and some stores have rules about returning used merchandise. Also confirm that the store has a money back guarantee if you return the product.

Finally, confirm any warranties or protection plans available for the products you are purchasing. Typically these extra services can be purchased for a small fee added on to the final cost of your furniture, but the protections they offer are excellent.

Aside from understanding specific policies, read reviews about the retailer. Previous customers can attest to whether or not the company’s employees stand by their policies and offer reliable services. Find a furniture store in your area.

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