As you are looking for information about furniture online? It is likely you will find a bevy of words and terms that seem foreign to you.

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Many glossaries about furniture online, will give you old outdated terms that are best left in the furniture history books. Furniche is dedicated to giving you the most relevant and useful furniture terms and words to guide you in shopping. Whether you are in a brick and mortar store or simply shopping for furniture online, the descriptions and words you hear from a sales person or read in the descriptions by stores selling furniture online  will be unfamiliar to most furniture shoppers.



This glossary is designed to provide you the most common terms and descriptions that are easy to understand. Furniche was built and devleoped by experienced furniture retailers that understand the importance of honest and clear information.  This glossary will continue to grow and expand as a  living source of of furniture information for furniture online. We want to make this the best and most practical glossary of terms for furniture online.  The glossary will include the following categories:

Note, this furniture online glossary will be defined alphabetically with links back to articles and blogs within the Furniche website.

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