Furniture Terms J - L

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Jewelling: A type of carving that simulates the shapes of jewels. 

Kerf: A slotted saw cut.

Kicker:  A piece of wood attached to the inside of a cabinet to stop a drawer that is not on a glide from tipping down as it is pulled out.

Kidney Desk: A desk or writing table that is shaped to resemble a kidney.

Kiln Dried: Wood that has been dried to a certain moisture content by stacking it in a way that warmed dry air is allowed to flow around it. This helps to keep the wood from checking, cracking, bowing or warping.

KD: (Knocked Down) Furniture that comes unassembled requiring the end user to build it. 

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Ladderback: A style of chair-back with a series of horizontal rails, resembling a ladder.

Laminate: The gluing together of thin strips of wood in order to make a stronger and more stable product.

Lattice: A criss-cross pattern of joined wood, either in squares or diamond shapes, similar to a lattice crust on a pie.

Lazy Susan: Usually a circular construction mounted on a swivel base. Its purpose,most often, is to allow easy reach of condiments on a dining table.

Love Seat:  A small sofa designed to seat two people. They are made in varying sizes and shapes. Some come with a twin sized pullout bed. Lowboy - A dresser or table that has drawers and is shorter than a buffet or standard dresser.