This Home Furniture Planner allows you to space plan LIVING, DINING, BEDROOM, NURSERY, FAMILY ROOM, HOME OFFICE and much MORE! 200 FURNITURE TEMPLATES to use again and again.

Included with this planner are the TOP TEN PLANNING SECRETS. Minimum furniture clearance space recommendations and complete instructions on how to plan your room. This planner will help you answer these questions.

As an example, would you have space for these two beds in your room?

twm beds

What is furniture planning?
Why is furniture planning important?
When is furniture planning important?

The "Hands-on Home Furniture Planner" is a revolutionary decorating tool that allows home owners to effectively space plan their home using re-useable cling vinyl furniture templates on a 12" x 18" laminated 1/4"scale layout board. Over 200 Furniture Templates made of thick reuseable cling vinyl on a 1/4 " scale laminated layout board!