Any fashionable lady knows that her accessories can make or break her outfit.

Coco Chanel advised all her fashionista followers that when adding accessories, she adorned herself with all the pieces that she loved and that matched and then, after looking in the mirror, removed at least one of those pieces to ensure a perfect balance. It’s the same with interior design.

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Adding beautiful accessories will make your room beautiful. You can change up the look of your room just by changing your accessories. Room accessories are like the jewelry of that room. Accessorizing your room can be simple. Add lush throws and unique pillows to the corners of your chairs, couches, and beds. Fill a shelf or your mantle with a dazzling picture frame or set of candlesticks. Blank walls are just the perfect canvas for art pieces that you treasure or professionally framed family photos. But it’s important to consider Coco’s advice in home accessories too. Here is another article on "ten easy room decorating tips".

Over-accessorizing can create a cluttered feel in your room and destroy the look you were hoping to achieve. Under-accessorizing can leave your room feeling sterile or incomplete. Add all of the pieces that you love, and then step back to consider and remove those pieces that push your room over the edge. Remember that as your jewelry makes your outfit unique, so your accessories will uniquely make your room “you.”

Insider Tip- Most furniture stores have store decorators on staff that will give you free advice on accessorization.

Insider Tip – Place accessories in groups of 3 to avoid a cluttered look and draw the eye to a particular area.

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