If you are having a difficult time finding exactly what furniture you want or if a store no longer has what you want in stock, it may be worth it to you to special order.

Despite any drawbacks of special ordering, doing so will ensure that your tastes and needs are met. Additionally, once a special order is placed, a retailer or designer may be more willing to do additional customizations for you since it is not a standard order to begin with. Be sure to undertand the furniture store's policies.

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There are many drawbacks to special ordering though, and the greatest is the cost. If a store has to go out of their way to get you what you want, they will charge you more. Additionally, you’re paying more money for something that you don’t actually get to see in person. You have to trust that your order will be executed properly and that you’ll end up with what you want.

Finally, special ordering will likely have a longer wait time. Special orders normally indicate that something is being constructed from scratch or that the company is working with a back order, so you will have to be willing to wait for your order.

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