It’s important that you are aware of how to properly clean your fabric furniture to avoid damage or discoloration to the product.

To assist with this, manufacturers typically include cleaning codes in the product tagging. These codes are specific to the product and are instructional for both spot cleaning and overall cleaning.

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W – The “w” cleaning code indicates that it is necessary to use a water-based cleaner or upholstery shampoo. Because these products are constructed from water, it is important that you avoid over wetting the fabric while cleaning.

S – An “s” code refers to a solvent cleaner or a water-free dry cleaning product. Carefully follow the instructions listed on these types of products and do not use water in the cleaning process.

S-W – If your tagging includes both an “s” and a “w” it is safe and appropriate to use either type of cleaner on the product. Judge which cleaner to use by the stain you are trying to remove.

X – An “x” symbol indicates that you should not use any cleaners. Furniture tagged accordingly should only be vacuumed; any other cleaning methods may risk shrinking, discoloration, or other damage.

Insider Tip- It is recommended that all cleaning methods be tested in an incospicuous area to make certain the method is safe.

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