Furniture is a major purchase, and sometimes it is necessary to purchase with financing.

Many furniture retailers offer in house lines of credit so that you can make payments to them directly or to an outside finance company. It is important that you understand what the company is offering.  Find a furniture store in your area.

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First, what are the requirements for qualifying for credit? Of course you’ll need to expect that they pull your credit history.

Is a down payment required? Some stores will have minimum purchase requirements. Often there will be interest-free incentives too. Make sure that you understand the stipulations of this. For example, some stores may offer you interest free payments for six months, a year or even longer. Be sure to understand any penalties if your payment arrives late or the interest charges incurred if you do not pay off the purchase in the interest free period. In general it is wise to understand a furniture store's policies.

Finally, make sure you understand what type of credit the store is offering. Some stores offer in-store financing. This means that they have a program set up so that you can make payments directly to the store. Other stores have designated credit cards. These types of credit will show up differently on your credit report, and the requirements will likely be different for each, especially if the store credit card is backed by a major credit card company like MasterCard or Visa.

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