Lifelike Flameless Candles are not your Grandmothers Candles!

During the recent Home Furnishings Market in High Point, N.C. , the Furniche team was wandering the vast showrooms of home furnishings and home decor. We came across Melrose International that had a display of real looking flameless candles. Instantly we were drawn to the life like movement and ambiance of these candles. Made of real wax these candles would be mistaken by most consumers.  We asked the folks at Melrose (super nice people) if we could do an article on these flameless candles.

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The earliest known regular candles date back to the Chinese between 221 - 206 B.C. Of course the early use of candles was to provide light and they even contributed warmth to a room.

Today candles are used in a variety of ways to decorate a room or bring an unique feel or ambience to a special occassion. The newest advance of flameless candles that appear to have an actual moving and flickering flame takes these real looking candles to new heights. The candles we found at Melrose actually used plastic along with real wax to create very life like renditions.  Their candles look so real they literally stopped us in our tracks!  See a video at the end of this article.

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Where and when do people use flameless candles?  Any place that will benefit from the safety of "no real flame" and no smell. Flameless candles are starting to show up in offices, weddings, funerals and of course around the holidays. Driveway luminaries with flameless candles are popping up. A flamesless candle in the "jack-o-lantern"? Why not? A flameless candle or two on timers may even serve as a pleasant night lite in your home.  Candles whether real or flameless create a warm cozy effect in the home decor arena.

What are other benefits of lifelike flameless candles?  These are safe for pets and children and of course they do not need to be replaced. The only upkeep is a fresh battery from time to time.

Here is the info that Melrose has provided about themeselves and their candles.

"Our latest introduction features a 360 degree, realistic moving flame candle! Made from real wax and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Includes 2/4/6/8  hour timer options that automatically turn the candle on/off daily! Compatible with a dimmable remote control, sold separately".

Melrose International has been in business for 29 years and  is a leading wholesaler for Giftware, Holiday, Home Decor, Silk Florals and more! From our Midwest beginnings as a pioneer producer of dried flowers to a national wholesaler of silk florals and home decor, Melrose has continued to provide our customers with the same high quality customer service that brings them back season after season.

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New Moving Flame Candle from Melrose International on Vimeo.


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