Wood furniture qualities can vary greatly, but sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish a high quality piece from a lower grade piece.

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The key indicator of quality is the wood type. Typically, well-made pieces are constructed from a hard deciduous tree like oak, maple, teak, or walnut. These are the richest and most durable woods, ones that, when properly treated, will hold up against environmental elements, drying, and other wear.  Learn more about woods used in furniture.

But well-made furniture is about more than the ingredients—the process is important too. A high-quality piece of wood furniture is pieced together perfectly so that there are no wobbles or squeaks; the construction should be sturdy and sound. Along the same lines, all the working parts should function well. For example, a wood dresser’s drawers should easily slide in and out and cabinet doors should not stick and should fit together evenly. Learn more about drawers and drawer construction.

Finally, a product should be well made from start to finish to be considered high quality, so check the stain and finish. Color should evenly saturate the entire piece and there should be no bumps, cracks, or bubbles in the top layer. If you run your hand across the top of the furniture piece, it should be smooth to the touch.

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