If you think it’s time to replace your sofa, you might want to consider recovering the one you have before running out to purchase a new one.

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Here are a few key factors to determine the best option. First, determine the age of your sofa. If you’re reaching the ten-year mark, you might want to replace the couch. But if it is reliable, in good condition, and you don’t think there will be need to get rid of it, it might be worth recovering for a new look. Find a furniture store in your area.

Secondarily, what is the design of your sofa? Make sure that you still prefer the silhouette, the shape, and the size. These factors won’t change if you recover, so it’s important to decide if you will be happy with these elements after a simple fabric change. Lastly, ease and cost will be essential for decision-making.

If you can do the recovering yourself, your new design will cost you very little. But recovering a couch can be an involved process and something you may not want to attempt on your own. If you choose to hire a professional service to recover the couch, compare the final cost with the cost of buying a new couch. Make sure that recovering is going to be a cost-effective decision.

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