Remodeling can be a large undertaking; for the bold punch of a remodeling project with less work, consider small projects that still make that big impact.

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Walls always create an impression. It seems subtle because we don’t really focus on walls, but they set the tone for an entire space. For a real change, select a new color, and make it a bright one. For added effect, add some texture to your walls—try a new painting technique, install crown molding, or add a chair rail around the room. If you want to make an impression with your walls but take it to the next level, consider adding or removing a wall to frame off or open up a room. While it is an involved process, it’s not a major remodel undertaking and it can literally give you an entirely new space. Read about choosing a wall color.

Focusing on new wood features also changes the look of a room. You could try staining your trim in a new color or even adding new wood—a mantle for your fireplace or built in bookshelves are eye-catching features and also would be useful new additions.

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