At the recent Home Furnishings Market in Las Vegas we found this way cool solution for kids and nightlights. Here is an article from our new friends at Lightheaded Beds. With the interchangeable panels you can adjust as your kids or grandkids change to new areas of interest.

The biggest obstacle to your good night’s sleep is your children’s. From calling out from the next room to climbing into bed with you, you can be 100% sure your sleep is going to be disturbed if your kids can’t sleep.

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Our LightHeaded™ Beds are unique because they’re the whole package—your children physically sleep in them and they give them the security they need to help them go to sleep and stay asleep. And our beds are fun! Finally, a way to get your children as excited about bedtime as much as you! How do LightHeaded™ Beds help my child sleep? The truth comes to light…literally! Our beds have a LED back-lit panel within the headboard. Our HeadLightz™ Images are then inserted into the panel and are illuminated and produce a cozy glow. The brightness on the illuminated back-lit panel, the “light,” can be adjusted from full—perfect for reading right before bed!—to a variety of dim settings that work perfectly as a nightlight. You can also easily set the light to turn off after 15, 30, 45, or 60 mins or you can set it at any of those increments to fade from whatever setting you start off with to off. Plus, our beds come with a remote so you are not left fumbling with their bed in the dark, but rather adjusting the settings from the comfort of the doorway. The bed helps children sleep because the light is customizable to adjust to your child’s bedtime needs! Whether it is acting as a nightlight to calm them down in the dark or a timed-reading light to make sure they do not stay up and read until 4am, it will help your children sleep better.

Browse all our beds at: Our HeadLightz™ Images that are inserted into the lighted panel also make our beds fun! Both you and your children can browse the online library on our site which has thousands of Images to pique their interests and get them excited about going to bed. They can choose their own Images and express his or her creativity. You can also upload you own images! You can showcase your child’s accomplishments, hobbies, or family moments right on the bed! The best party about our Images is that they’re easily swapped out! There has never been an easier way to change a whole room to accommodate for your child’s change of mind and interests—just because he’s into sharks this week and doesn’t mean he won’t be interested in dinosaurs the next and he certainly will not be 7 forever! The Images were made to be swapped out with only one hand and all the Images can be stored in a slot in the footboard! Every child is unique and LightHeaded™ Beds lets everyone express their individuality and gets them excited to do so! Browse all our images here!: Did you know our beds also have accessories? They are wonderfully functional and were designed with your convenience in mind. Both the open storage unit and trundle bed come in each finish in all our styles of beds for both twin and full sizes! The open storage unit is fantastic at keeping your child’s room organized. It comes with 3 spacious compartments for toys, books, clothes, sports equipment…whatever! And you can get one for each side of the bed so you get double the organization ability!

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The same trundle will fit underneath both the full and twin size beds. It is PERFECT for sleepovers or if cousins come into town! It easily rolls in and out without a struggle so even kids can do it by themselves! In addition to those two accessories, there are a few ways you can mix and match them! While it’s true they are both universally sized to fit underneath all models of our beds in both twin and full (the difference only being their colors), the size of the twin vs. full does limit their combinations. A twin sized bed can accommodate one trundle or one open storage or two open storages (one on each side. A full sized bed can accommodate everything the twin can. In addition, since it’s wider, it can have the trundle bed on one side and the open storage on the other! Our LightHeaded™ Beds are so much more than just beds. They’re designed to charmingly compliment the décor of a room as well as help your children sleep better. They come with wonderfully designed accessories that add beauty and function to our beds. Our beds go beyond conventional furniture and have so many options, functions, and possibilities. I hope you are as excited about them as we are. Take a look at us at See them on Wayfair.

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