Bathrooms are important rooms for design these days.

With high-end bath tubs and showers, beautiful sinks and mirrors, and fancy, eco-friendly toilets, it’s important to choose bathroom furniture to accent this beautiful room. Keep in mind that a bathroom is a very used room; well-chosen furniture pieces can offer comfort and convenience much desired in a bathroom.

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First, bathrooms need storage space. Between linens, hair products, hair dryers, curling irons and small items such as make-up or jewelry, there’s a lot to store in what is generally a smaller room. Often under-sink storage is crowded with plumbing and mirror cabinets don’t provide much in the way of organization. Placing an extra cabinet over the toilet and using shelves with baskets and jars is an excellent way to maximize your space. These items warm up a bathroom filled wood materials and keep things convenient, clean and organized.

If space permits, another excellent bathroom furniture choice is a vanity area. This opens up sink space for other bathroom users, and it creates a glamorous feel for the room. Vanities can be built-in, but a unique wood piece adds a lot of personality. Finish up the vanity area with great lighting and a pretty yet comfortable chair or stool.(make sure the bathroom furniture you select is strong and sturdy to avoid mishaps)

Since bathrooms are typically small, be creative to maximize your space. Do your research on ready-made pieces that fit around your toilet; look into corner shelves for unique space and added storage; and consider shelving inserts and baskets to increase the storage in your cabinets.

Failure to plan is the most common furniture mistake. Be sure to check out the  wide selection of furniture space planners, color wheels and furniture templates available from


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