The life of your furniture is dependent on many variables, so no completely accurate estimate can ever be guaranteed.

As a rule of thumb, most designers tell customers to expect good furniture to last them at least ten to 15 years. But a higher quality piece of furniture will certainly outlast a piece that is not well made.

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A mass-produced item made of low-grade materials may not make the ten-year mark, where a solid wood product constructed by an expert craftsman can last more than a lifetime. Learn more about quality features of wood furniture.

Some fabrics may hold up to wear and tear better than others, but wear and tear is inevitable. You can prolong fabric furniture life by positioning your furniture out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and by regularly rotating and cleaning your cushions. Learn about cleaning codes for fabrics and what do they mean.

Furniture care will have a major impact on your furniture’s longevity. Aside from careful, regular cleaning, make sure that you are immediate repairing any damages to your furniture so that a small problem is not perpetuated into a greater one. (here are some simple furniture touchup and repair secrets) With attention paid and high-quality products, you can consider your furniture a long-term investment.









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