In the name of saving money, or sometimes simply in the name of uniqueness, sometimes it may be worth the trouble of looking into previously owned furniture when decorating a room.

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The prices are definitely going to be cheaper than investing in brand new furniture, especially if it is for sale by owner or if you can score it at a thrift store rather than a secondhand boutique. And besides price, using second hand pieces can add personality to your room, especially if the item you choose has a retro appeal. A vintage piece can be the perfect way to create a special talking point in your room and really finalize your style.

Buying secondhand furniture is also eco-friendly! It is essentially recycling something that was once used for one purpose and is now used for another. If you’re working toward an environmentally conscious style, put the time into seeking out quality reused pieces. There are some obvious disadvantages to previously owned furniture, however; and the biggest issue is simply that: it has been previously owned. Even if the furniture appears in good repair, it has an unknown history. You don’t know how it has been cared for or what may have happened on or around it. Take care to check for tears, scratches, stains, and odors before making your purchase. Some minor repairs may be worth it, but keep in mind that set stains and odors will likely not come out.

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