If your room doesn’t have a fireplace there are other options to create the feel and ambiance of a fireplace.

If you are willing to do some major renovation, you can add-in a gas fireplace insert. These inserts function fully as a fireplace, giving off the glow and heat and are contained within your wall space for a sleek, modern look.

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There are a couple stand-alone options as well. If you don’t want to break into your wall space with an insert, you could install a gas stove instead. These sit away from the wall and serve the purpose of a fireplace while providing vintage or country feel. Some retailers sell stand-alone fireplaces with electric inserts. While these offer some glow and some warmth, they fall short of the full benefits of a real fireplace.

If you don’t have the means for using some sort of insert, you can still create a fireplace ambiance. One popular way of doing this is an arrangement of different sizes of candles. If you stack many together in a grouping, you can create an area of dense, warm light just as a fireplace offers. One of the he best features of a fireplace is creating a cozy feel for your room. Look for other ways to offer comfort—soft blankets, spicy smelling candles, and soft fabrics will add to your fireplace ambiance as well. Here are ten easy room decorating ideas.

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