Often when smart shopping from store to store, you begin to see pieces of furniture that look exactly the same but are quite different in price.

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While this is the point of browsing and researching, large price discrepancies can be disconcerting, and you want to ensure that you’re not missing out on quality at the expense of a good bargain. In some cases, quality and materials used are the issue. For example, you might find a dresser that looks the same in two different stores; but it may be solid wood at one store and a laminate at another. A side-by-side comparison would probably make this more obvious, so make sure that you know the components of the furniture you’re comparing. Learn more about quality features of upholstered furniture. Learn about quality features of wood furniture.

In other situations, it may be the company marking up the exact same item. Two retailers may purchase the same product from the same manufacturer, but they may choose to mark up the list price differently. You should be able to acquire manufacturer information on the products to determine if this is true. Find manufacturer information here by product category.

Finally, sometimes retailers will mark-up based on market. You may notice a price difference in the same product at the same retailer in a different location, and this is why. Retailers have the right to adjust pricing based on how they think it will sell in a particular area. If you’re shopping a chain store, it might be worth your time to check out a couple locations and to even look online. Find furniture stores in your area.

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