First impressions are lasting, and it’s no different when it comes to your home.

The entryway will set the tone for your home. You want it to be warm and inviting and not overwhelming or abrasive. It speaks to who you are; so don’t be afraid to be bold. No Impression is the same as a bad impression.

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For a warm feel, lighting will is key. Select lighting that is soft and mixes well with whatever natural light fills the space. Daytime guests will be coming in from the bright outdoors, so being in-tune with the natural light will ease any adjustments their eyes need to make, allowing them perfect sight of your entry space. Also use directed lighting to focus on a key decorative point—perhaps an impressive floral arrangement, a family portrait or a sculpture. Having a major point of interest brings instant personality to the space and it makes for great ice breaking conversation.

Entryways also should be convenient. First, create a clear walkway then outline the route with a beautiful area rug. This too could make a good talking point. This also gives your guest a soft, homey spot to step and remove their shoes if necessary. Finally, remember that people entering a home will be looking to unload. Designate a shelf or basket for shoe removal; have hooks or hangers handy for coats and purses; and a small table with a tray or bowl is perfect for keys and other small, loose items that need to be set down.  Read more about how to add storage solutions within your decorating.

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