The best way to negotiate a price is to know exactly what you’re asking for.

Research your purchase beforehand. How is it made? What is the quality? How much do similar pieces run at other furniture retailers? If you’re well-researched to begin with, you’ll know the best deal at the start and how to negotiate an even better price. Also set your maximum price ahead of time. Are you willing to pay the ticket price if necessary? Having a stopping point will make you a stronger, more motivated negotiator. Just as you should set a maximum price, estimate a minimum before you negotiate as well. A laughably low price will only waste your time and the salesman’s. Keep in mind that most furniture salesmen work on commission. This makes them motivated to sell, but they also are shooting for a higher price to make the most money. If you respect the salesperson’s position and are reasonable with your offers, negotiations will go much more smoothly. Finally, if price is most important to you, have a back-up plan. Knowing that there is something else that you like will make it easier to walk away from a piece that can’t be negotiated rather than giving into a high ticket price. Another option to consider is buying furniture online. With the competitive nature of online etailers, your research and efforts might just be rewarded online.

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Insider Tip – Most large chain oriented retailers will have price guarantees and may not negotiate. Independent stores may have more flexibility. Learn more about Furniture Store Price Guarantees here.

Insider Tip- Willingness to take a display/floor model may make it easier to gain a price concession from a retailer. Learn more about buying Furniture Store Showroom Samples

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