Historically, the kitchen has been a purely functional space in the home. It was a place to keep things appliances, prepare food, and sneak a midnight snack; and so long as it served those purposes, there was little need for anything else.

But as home design evolves, the kitchen is emerging as a design focal point. And if you’re not in the market to completely redo your kitchen, that doesn’t mean yours needs to lack in design.

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By utilizing common but stylish kitchen accessories, you can create a fully functional space that boasts high style as well. For example, all kitchens contain appliances; it’s a given. When it comes to large appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers, go for a clean, look—something that will fit in well with any design. Stainless steel is very popular; and you can also build in appliances to look like the rest of your cabinetry. But your small appliances, your mixers, blenders, coffee machines, and others, can also be used as design elements. Home designers have created lines of appliances in bold colors and streamlined designs. These pieces are well crafted and look great displayed on your counter space.

Other quite usable items can be conveniently set out and doubled as décor. For instance, a nice collection of utensils is easily accessible in a vase near your stove while simultaneously bringing color, texture, and depth to your counter tops. You can also use beautiful dishes for the perfect combination of function and design. Glass front cabinets can show off all of your dishes; or select unique pieces to display. You can also use these pieces for specific purpose—fill a large decorative bowl with fruit or set out candies and mints in a pretty glass.

For more texture and color, consider common kitchen use fabrics. Tie-in pops of color with permanent pieces like curtains and floor mats; and then mix-and-match coordinating hand towels or potholders. All of these items can be subtlety set out in your kitchen space for easy use and additional color. Learn more on how to choose, measure and hang drapery.

Finally, your kitchen walls don’t need to be devoid of décor. You can always consider traditional art , though make sure they are framed well and not hung near your stove or sink to avoid steam and water damage. A kitchen is a great place to get creative with wall décor as well. Hang flowers in mason jars, use a bulletin board for a picture collage, or paint a portion of the wall in chalkboard paint for cute notes or easy-to-write grocery shopping lists. Read more on how to choose the perfect wall color.

Insider Tip – Visit kitchen cabinet showrooms for current on trend ideas for accessories.

Insider Tip- Consider paint on murals or accents for unique kitchen spaces.

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